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Green moon
Ashley Dioses

The October Selected Poet is

Ashley Dioses

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Ashley Dioses


In the lustrous beams of light
The shadows fall stealthily behind.
They scatter and hectically take flight
Once the darkness envelops and binds.

They may linger in the cool shade
But they will never suffer and die.
They may watch but will never fade
Though weakened and fragile they do not cry.

They excitedly lie in eager wait
For the silver moon above to rise.
For their thirst they need to sate
By the brightened light in the skies.

Cosmic colors and streaks of light litter
The entirety of the sky by the naked eye.
Speckled stars sparkle like confetti and glitter
Yet there are those who would still stay shy.

As the awaited moon conquers
Like a glistening white flame,
Shadows seek, sprint, and wander
Putting murderers to shame.

This night a luminous darkness
Radiates the red caked earth in the night;
Reflections of the moon’s white fire shines in sharpness
Ending any hope of surviving in sight.


You may turn this frame to ashes,
Though you will always remember those gashes.
You may shatter the panèd glass,
Though you cannot run from your past.
But you will remember this picture for all time,
For it is burned through your skull and into your mind.
I give you this,
For my own sweet bliss.
To watch you snap and break down
Is why Hell is where I'm bound.


Arise in the night
By the suns slow flight
Awaken the illuminated moon.

A cold flowing breeze
Is an elemental tease
That will touch your essence soon.

A breath on your neck
That’s gone when you check
Lurks in the back of your mind.

The night time stars
Seem to seal your scars
Momentarily interrupting the straps that bind.

The loss of hope,
The things you cope,
Leaves you hiding behind a lie.

The path you take,
Makes you shiver and shake,
And might even let you die.

You hold on to determination,
By your blood fascination,
Yet fear strikes your core.

The pain that fills,
The breeze that chills,
Leaves you just dying for more.

The quest for the flesh,
The skin feeling mesh,
Entices your blood-crazed crave.

Your eyes that glisten,
The screams you listen,
Leaves her lying in her grave.

Ashley Dioses is currently living in Pomona, California, and has been writing dark and horror-filled verse and stories since the age of 12. After being published for the first time by the Horror Zine in December 2011, she got invited to submit to Dark River Press and has been published there ever since. She got her first short story, 'Out of Reach,' published by Dark River Press as well. She received her inspiration from the famous works of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephan King, and Dean Koontz. Pen and mind are constantly working in the dark...