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Have you ever wanted to join a writing group, but haven’t had the time to go out and meet up with one? Well, you're in luck! Introducing the HWA's new Online Writing Group, Fright Club, led by author, Moaner T. Lawrence. A former assistant-editor at and contributor to Rue Morgue Magzine, Moaner will guide you through ten weeks dedicated to writing and refining fiction. Each participant will work on eight smaller pieces, intended to keep their fingers moving whilst working toward one bigger final piece. Be warned: Though pants are optional, and participation in the group is free, writing, critiquing, and regular attendance is mandatory to staying in the group! Membership is exclusive to the HWA, so you'll need to login to your member account in order apply for the program. Each group is limited to ten members, and applications and admission are now ongoing.

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bloody disgusting

‘Halloween’ Carves Out Massive $91.8M Global Box Office Opening

by Brad Miska

Last year, New Line Cinema’s It: Chapter One ignited a fire around Hollywood. It sent the signal that there’s a huge appetite for horror, which they would have already known if they looked bothered to look at the billion dollar Halloween industry that was booming all around them. Shit, just look at the Internet – October has become a month filled with fraudulent horror-themed clickbait articles written by faux pundits who still think Jason Voorhees was the killer inFriday the 13th. Point is, while we horror fans have a very personal experience with the genre, it’s penetrated pop culture in a way that’s unheard of (in thanks to part to “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things”). It’s only fitting that Michael Myers’ resurrection has slaughtered the box office competition. Shit, the newest Halloween is so big that it nearly beat the new October box office record, set by Venom earlier this month.

Early estimates have pegged the domestic opening to the David Gordon Green-directed sequel to John Carpenter‘s 1978 classic at around $77.5M. That’s just shy of Venom‘s October record. Unfortunately, Halloween‘s global opening wasn’t nearly as potent as that of Sony’s symbiote. Early estimates report that the slasher revival took in $14.3M overseas for a $91.8M global take (Venom had a $200M global opening).  Fun fact: this is already the highest grossing Halloween movie in the entire 40-year franchise.

Read the entire article in Bloody Disgusting HERE



5 ‘Halloween’ Sequels That Almost Happened (But Didn't)

by Meagan Navarro

It took 8 months and about 80 drafts for David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, and Jeff Fradley to nail the script for 2018’s most anticipated horror movie, Halloween. A direct continuation of John Carpenter’s beloved 1978 classic, the screenwriters boldly opted to ignore all subsequent sequels to go back to the roots of what made The Shape so scary. Considering just how off the rails the continuity got between seven sequels and two Rob Zombie remakes, it’s a clever choice. And that doesn’t even count the many scripts that went unused, which would’ve taken the franchise into much stranger territory. While we wait for Laurie Strode’s final battle with Michael Myers, we look back at five Halloween sequels that almost came to pass.

Halloween 666: The Origin

The initial script for the sixth entry in the Halloween series was rumored to have angered Moustapha Akkad so badly that he threw it across the room. Perhaps a large part of that was due to this iteration of Michael Myers being a homeless hobo squatting at the local Haddonfield homeless shelter. Tommy Doyle is still present in this version, but news reporter Dana takes center stage as the protagonist and long-lost sibling to Michael Myers. As for the cult of Thorn? It didn’t exist in this draft.

Halloween 3D

This almost sequel would have picked up right at the end of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, well, more like 5 minutes before it ended, layering in new events from that fateful night and then skipping ahead to one year later. Written by Todd Farmer (Jason XDrive Angry), Halloween 3Dwas meant to bridge Zombie’s take on Michael Myers back to Carpenter’s original vision. As the title suggests, this sequel would have included 3D elements like Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D, both directed by Farmer collaborator Patrick Lussier. Farmer completed the script in 2009, and it came close to getting made but never quite found the financing and time needed.

Halloween IV

After being tapped by John Carpenter and Debra Hill to write the novelizations for Halloween II and Halloween III, writer Dennis Etchison was asked by the pair to pen the script for Halloween IV. Etchison’s script was set 10 years after the events of Halloween II and would follow teens Lindsay Wallace and Tommy Doyle, the two children in Laurie Strode’s care from the first film. Haddonfield had long since banned Halloween as a holiday, with repression a central theme in the story. This version of the sequel wasn’t made, though, as Carpenter and Hill sold their interests in the franchise with Etchison’s script not part of their final deal.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of…Jamie Lloyd?

Halloween 5 was rushed into production without a completed script, thanks to the surprise success of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. There were several rejected pitches, including one by director Dominique Othenin-Girard’s friend Robert Harders, who wanted to make Michael Myers a sympathetic Frankenstein’s creature-like character. The first actual draft was written by Shem Bitterman, who wrote a continuation of the cliffhanger ending of part 4. In other words, the focus of this sequel was on Jamie Lloyd and her new lust for murder after stabbing her adoptive mother in the previous film. Even Donald Pleasance and Danielle Harris thought this was where the story would head, but producer Moustapha Akkad and Ohtenin-Girard scrapped the script and brought in Michael Jacobs to write a new script.

Halloween vs Hellraiser

Two years ago, an interview with Pinhead actor Doug Bradley revealed that we very nearly received a Michael Myers meets Cenobites crossover event. Right around the time Freddy vs Jason was in production, Dimension Films was presented with not one but two scripts for the proposed feature. They rejected both, predicting Freddy vs Jason would bomb. When it didn’t, they quickly changed their mind. The only problem? Akkad regained rights to the Halloweensequels and put an end to the crossover. It also likely didn’t help that fan reception for the concept was negative.

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