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Stephen King doesn't need us, but small press authors do. Support authors by giving your attention to these talented writers. You will be very glad you did. These reviews are meant to seek out the diamonds in the rough.

Please note that The Horror Zine does not review books published by: PublishAmerica (aka AmericaStar Books), Chipmunka Publishing, Damnation Press, Author House, Page Turner Press and Media, Black Rose Writing, Month 9 Books, Page Publishing, Xlibris, Author Solutions, and any other so-called "publishers" that have been deemed not trustworthy by The Horror Zine.

HERE is a guide to help you avoid publishing scams.

In your email for your review request, you must include the following: a jpeg photo of the book cover; a one-paragraph synopsis of the plot; your bio; and a link to where it can be found on amazon. Do not send PDF files. Do not send mobi files unless requested by the reviewer, because you must be willing to provide a paperback copy, kindle copy, or mobi file to the reviewer, depending upon their preferences.

The Horror Zine does not review novellas or novellettes. We do not review poetry collections or graphic novels. Only full-length novels of over 63K words will be accepted for review.

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DEEP ROOTS by Edward Rosick

HORROR LIBRARY VOLUME 7 edited by Eric J. Guignard