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All of the photographs on this page have been created by Kyle Rea, who is our February Selected Artist

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Kyle Rea

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Money is not everything

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Elyk Aer Photography

That's what Elyk's imagination screamed in his mind. Well, actually Kyle's mind. Kyle Rea to be precise. Why's his name backwards, you ask? Long story short, everything in my life is backwards. Kyle remains on the physical realm of Earth dealing with global issues and what-not. Elyk, is his artistic alter-ego that works non-stop to bring you enough variety of mind-bending art to please pretty much any crowd. If you want to know more, you’ll get more answers in his art. We'll hand you off to Kyle...

I, Kyle, moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue acting and filmmaking (which is another story all on it’s own). But for photography’s sake, thanks to the Iphone 3, I was distracted, taking thousands of pictures and editing them with the apps. I became addicted and saved up every penny I could find to buy a camera in May of 2011. The photos on this site are from this camera. The whole reason I pursued professional photography in the first place is to gain the respect of investors for my film projects. All this could not have been done without the support of my friends and family and most definitely, Devon Marcel Clark III for if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have this awesome DSLR camera right now!

When behind the camera, I look for anything out of the ordinary or surreal moments to capture. I really love getting photos that I am satisfied with but overjoyed when the subject likes them even more! A great perk to understanding the psychology behind how powerful art can be is understanding your subject matter. The more you understand that/them, the more likely to get phenomenal results!

I like my work to portray a variety from beautiful to horrifying. Light to dark. crazy to abnormal. surreal to glorifying. And everything in between. Thus presenting the variety life has to offer. My ultimate objective as a person and artist, is to convert people’s negative energy to positive energy so we can all have a good time and enjoy the happiness life has to offer.

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