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Girl in the rain
Heather Landry

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Heather Landry, who is our August Featured Artist

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Heather Landry

The Crowd

Lilith and Adam

road's end


The King in Yellow

Nameless Horror




You might not think “cosmic horror” when you look at this Southern Indiana mother of two, but that is exactly what occupies a vast part of Heather Landry’s artistic and inner life. Heather was heavily influenced by The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli and she grew up watching reruns of Dark Shadows with her mother and listening to her father read The Rats in the Walls by H. P. Lovecraft before bedtime. Since she was a young child, horror had a cherished place next to beauty and fantasy in her world.

She pursued art alongside biology and chemistry and after a protracted inner debate, she finally chose to finish her formal education as an artist. Heather has traveled throughout Europe, Mexico and the Mediterranean and always found beauty and horror in abundance wherever she went. She currently uses digital art because of the comparative speed and convenience, but she still loves creating acrylic paintings, block prints, collages, and drawings for traditional comics. Much of her work is drawn directly from her own dreams and nightmares, and others come from scenes in her favorite stories and legends.

Heather works at a tiny corner of her kitchen table with one or more family members at her elbows who ask about what she’s drawing…and when they’ll be eating. Heather and her family form an unlikely collaborative unit…and she feels she has become a better and more prolific artist since having the children.

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High Priest