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The Killer's Requiem

A film directed by Brian McLane

Director: Brian McLane
Actors: Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), George Hardy (Troll 2)
Studio: Palm Aisles Pictures
Format: Theatrical, VOD, DVD
Language: English
Release Date:  02/01/19
Run Time: 91 min




The Killer's Requiem

A film by Brian McLane

Review by Nicholas Paschall

When rock meets horror, I must admit I am impressed. While I was skeptical at first, this film took by surprise with a killer take on the old Heaven vs. Hell bargain. Whereas you normally have the Devil making a bet with God over something, this one has a sinister angel offering up a unique barter. The movie runs ninety-one minutes and has quality music and a different plot than any seen before.

The protagonist, Orson “Sonny” Calabrese, is a photographer by day and musician by night. More importantly, he is the last believer faced with a unique challenge from Bael, a punk rocker demon that is looking to conquer Hell in a bet between himself and a rogue angel. With a ledger containing a thousand years of punishment if he fails to tempt the last barter, the stakes are high enough for Bael to take some direct action.

The plot follows Sonny slowly losing his mind as the bet begins to spiral out of control, both sides lobbying with direct, and indirect, means to influence the last believer. The scenes are broken up by musical montages that keep the mood going in a way that helps keep the mood. The band is talented and has some singles that seem to be a class all their own. I would say that the genre of music would be more of a classic rock feel, but not all the songs fell into that broad a category.

Unlike other films that pit the hero against a demonic figure, this film takes an interesting spin on the premise by having the devil appear early in the film to Sonny, acting as an attendant in a bathroom at an upscale establishment. Sonny is on a date with a woman at the time who reveals a darker aspect of her past, and the devil takes a moment to implant a foul seed of violence and despair into Sonny’s soul.

The rest of the film is a myriad of songs, original and impressive in their range and variety, along with the eventual downfall of the bargain and the spiraling downturn of Sonny’s life as he fights the disturbing urges threatening to overtake him. The shining light in his life that helps him in his struggles is his only child and religious convictions, which in the end help him save his soul.

Now, I’m never one to reveal vital plot points or endings, but I can say without a shadow of doubt that I enjoyed the last fifteen minutes of this feature far more than I should have. Masterfully shot with limited technology, this film is an amazing piece of art that reaches into the musical, slasher, and horror genres. The only complaint I have is that the film felt as if it could have a sequel when it could have expanded more, including more music and explanations of certain characters pasts or futures.

Take a chance and grab this film, as it will make your movie night one to remember! Make certain to watch the film twice, as the songs and plot take on a new spin on the second viewing. Be sure to enjoy yourself and sit back to see the fireworks!

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About the Director

Brian McLane

brian mclane

Brian McLane is the President of Palm Aisles Pictures and Splash Video Productions. He produces content for film, television as well as broadcast commercials.

The son of opera singer Armand McLane-Lanier, both of Brian’s grandfathers are music legends as well (Ralph McLane and Jan August). His song “I Wanna Be A Marine” scored a minor success on MTV and he continues to write music with his band “End Of The Universe” which is now playing shows for Live Nation.

His company Palm Aisles Pictures is now a signatory to the SAG ULB Agreement and the company has two films and one television pilot in production. GREAT films with All Star Casts and keeping the Budget under $250K is the Palm Aisles Pictures model.

His daughter Sofia is the light of his life, and is a natural when it comes to acting.

About the Reviewer

Nicholas Paschall


Nicholas Paschall has been writing horror and dark fantasy since 2010, with over twenty pieces in numerous anthologies and collected works. He has been a columnist for Dark Eclipse Magazine and the London Horror Society and will have a total of five novels published by the end of 2018. His debut novel, the Father of Flesh, was published in June 2017 and has published the sequel, Travails for Teyuna as of May 15th, 2018.