John Frazee

The July Featured Poet is John Frazee

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The light is blinding, yet your pupils continue to expand
Not so much a place, with solid ground as a pure state of mind
Those who once dreamed, now cry out as you leave them in the dust
The air becomes thinner as the populace falls behind

Knowledge, wisdom and understanding rush throughout your veins
Passing the lawyers, politicians, priest, lastly the royal
Everything you've experienced is now clearer to you
The pressure mounts as suddenly your blood begins to boil

Your shedding sentiments and nostalgia like long dead skin
Leaving behind the ignorant, the innocent and the rest
Prejudice exits your system along with hatred and greed
Willing to sacrifice it all for this your noble quest

Obstacles fade away along with apprehensions and doubt
Oxygen ceases and yet you continue to inhale
You must question your worthiness, your very right to rise
As expectations increase you conclude that you must not fail


Somehow, someway I had the right answers but don't ask me how or why
You will find learning comes naturally to a very precious few
Development may start with potty-training, but it never really ends
It becomes a parlor trick like Pavlov’s dog responding to a cue

Education rarely lives up to its advertising or so it seems
Gathering up important information is a simple enough task
What is done with this data is rightly the pertinent question at hand
Thus gathering up the proper information depends on whom you ask

The enlightened man does not need your acknowledgment, he does not seek praise
The question of wisdom is not easily answered, who dares define wise
Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is a noble and self-fulfilling act
Those seeking wisdom for personal gain sadly misunderstand the prize

You often hear wise men say, “You live and learn;” this is not always a fact
One of life’s greatest lessons is one that they never teach you in college
It can take you a lifetime, for some diplomas are earned at quite a cost
May you live long enough to comprehend the enormous weight of knowledge 


I have tried many things, some really quite bold
In my feeble attempt to never grow old
You cannot beat time, or so I’ve been told
Swap precious youth for a watch made of gold

If unprepared, time will sneak up on you
Contemplating it, you haven't a clue
Constantly changing, it is never new
It can quickly arrive from out of the blue

If ravaged by it, you start to show your age
While maturing, wrinkles become your gauge
They say growing older is to turn the page
Predict the future, deem yourself a sage

To waste it, is an unforgivable crime
On seconds you may snack, on hours you dine
Wash it all down with a glass of fine wine
Your last hope is to circumvent time

John Frazee resides in Boynton Beach, Florida (temporarily), and he also resides under the impression, that like the infinite number of monkeys at the infinite number of type-writers, someday he will accidentally create something worthwhile. He relies on you humans to evaluate the results of this experiment.

Published in Skyline magazine, OMNI magazine, The Horror Zine Magazine and Anthologies, Death Head Grin Anthology, My Word Wizard, Aphelion, StoryMania, The Original Van Gogh’s Ear, Dangerous Poets Collective, Blood Moon Rising, Black Petals, Inner Sins, The Creativity Webzine and Twisted Sister Lit Mag.