The Horror Zine
Paul Uriaz

The April Featured Poet is Paul Uriaz

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Paul Uriaz


the warmth of the fireplace
flexing its shadowy consorts
into the drawing room

where decorous gothic comforts
enhance the sleepy commotion
created undoubtedly in secret
by a rather smallish man

sitting in a gorgon of a chair
at least twice his height and beloved
by giants

his sleeping prattle shook the
velour curtains with a wicked
rattling, his beard a weird turf
of crazy hairs blowing outwards

creating a havoc all its own
as the buzz of his snout, captured
the lowest of wild boar heralding


Sitting in the knobby arms of leisure
Old jack round and sassy
Perched ocular, jolly in
The pale October night

Smiles to all his nightish friends
That maneuver in
The solemn all hallows
Lore of delights

His slit-carved eyes
And jagged grin in a
Candle-lit glow are
Ready to treat or trick you,

One dark evening
At a time


lame shadows, do not protect the innocent
listeners are everywhere, towers with ears

the night brings them out of hiding,
clothed in secret decrees of nameless pursuits

well versed are they, cruel with the gossip
of  nightly horror

strange in their ability to blend into the
ordinary world, as they lurk behind trees
and places where people terrorize, each
other with small talk, trivia and  confidential

waiting to engage and hear, the pauses in your
conversations, haunting the spaces between
your words

absorbing and remembering the law of your
forbidden tongue, a critic, heckler, and judge
and jury

the night brings them out of hiding

Paul Uriaz is a poet, musician, and photographer who lives in Los Angeles, California. Paul would one day like to create stop motion animation.