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This month's oddity: KFC identifies man's 'vile' meal as deep fried 'kidney or lung'

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Australian Man Finds "Vile" Thing in Fried Chicken

LABRADOR, Australia, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- An Australian man who found something "vile" when he bit into a piece of KFC fried chicken likely received a "kidney or lung," the chain said.

Marc Nicholls said he ordered the $8.47 meal at the KFC in Labrador, Queensland, Tuesday afternoon and he gave up on the food after a single bite.

"It was just vile," Nicholls told the Gold Coast Bulletin. "I spat it out and I did feel genuinely sick after it."

The inside of the battered piece appeared to be some sort of organ that Nicholls compared to a brain.

"I took it to the counter and they said 'Sometimes this stuff happens' and told me to email their head office," Nicholls said. "I just want people to be aware. The chicken should be looked at before it's put out for human consumption."

Nicholls said he is no stranger to exotic foods, as he is "Scottish, so I even eat haggis."

The customer said he wasn't offered a refund until managers at the store noticed him being photographed for the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"We can certainly understand Mr. Nicholls' concern but have identified that what was found is probably a chicken kidney or lung," a KFC spokeswoman said.

"Most of the time offal is removed in the preparation process but occasionally it may remain," she said. "There's no health risk associated when this occurs but we appreciate that if a customer hasn't seen this before it may look disturbing."

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