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September 2016 mouth

Inside the September issue:

On the Special Page

John c. Farris

The son of a best-selling horror author successfully starts his own career HERE

In Fiction

greg gifune

The critically acclaimed horror writer Greg F. Gifune writes yet another scary story HERE


On the Morbidly Fascinating did they do this? Find out HERE



In this issue of The Horror Zine:

In Fiction:

The Horror Zine is proud to present fantastic fiction by Greg F. Gifune, Neal Privett, D.C. Phillips, Christina Marie, and Joseph Rubas.

In Poetry:

The Horror Zine displays the dark delights of Anthony Crowley, Claire T. Feild, Laura Chowanski, and Timothy C. Hobbs.

In Art:

The Horror Zine shows the stunning selections of R9A, Ephraim Brown, and Riaan Marais.

Welcome to the September 2016 issue of

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