Leah Crowley is an award-winning poet, author, tarotist, interviewer, and paranormal investigator. Her literary works have been featured on the BBC and other popular media outlets.

Leah began to take an interest in writing and creativity from the young age of six. She has appeared in the pages with the likes of William Blake, Brontë Sisters, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Hardy and Austin Osman Spare, plus others. Currently, she is studying a BA (Honors) degree in Music. She is also a member of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and a gold member of The Boleskine House Foundation.

Leah has contributed to numerous commercial and small press magazines and anthologies, including: Massacre Magazine, Sanitarium Magazine, Official Haunted Magazine, Holistic Therapist, Health and Efficiency Naturist, Nusa Sun, Fear Magazine, Ravenwood Quarterly, Sub-verse, The Aquila Literary Journal, Comic Scene UK and The Metal Magazine. She has interviewed numerous creative artists, writers, and music artists such as award-winning horror author Jack Ketchum, trans fashion model Diana Apsara and international doom/Goth metal band, Paradise Lost and many more! Leah Crowley is also the best-selling writer of numerous literary works in genres such as Gothic Literature and social science. She currently resides in the United Kingdom. 



A visitation to last  
Seated and sealed  
upon a memory chair  
I look out to the flowers and trees 
A mental exploration 
 I am at peace with a desire to bleed 
A photograph of my dead love  
Aching my lost smile 
 until a tear falls 
 upon my trembling arm 
Reminded of the day  
A sweetness of a kiss 
 and your tender charm  
Happy times and a memory 
 I wished I’d didn’t see 
The wounds are still there inside  
The creeping of your flesh 
 caressing my lullaby dream 
The blooms of flowers grow with pride 
A solitary place to hide 
 your corpse and your pretty lace 
A new day of peace has beckoned 
The breath of life with a joy I now possess  
The fragrant scent of your poisonous breath 
Finally at peace, my dear 
Your soul is now blessed.   


Seeds have fallen from the summoned night 
A virgin garden screams 
 from under the blackened sky 
Silent winds drifting  
among the rustling of the shackled trees 
Capturing an image  
Suffocating a time 
A kiss for midnight 
The awoken scent of a rose  
Hypnotic stare like a poisoned pose 
Elegance in the dark 
Radiant at first light 
Kiss me until midnight 
Taken the universal light 
A passion for a fear 
To desire and arouse 
Decaying last kiss 
Upon the soils of death 
The awakened kiss of the crow 
Tears of emptiness from a bird of night 
A kiss from a rose is a kiss goodnight.  


Emptiness of time 
Alone with decay 
The saddened seasons of time 
begin to disastrously change 
The end of a summer 
and the Autumn sky of grey 
A corpse in the earth below 
A blooming ambience 
for a silenced stay 
The heartbeat of life flickers 
into the mystical night 
A pretty petal of a memory 
with a thorn lapsed pain 
The mourning dusk air 
and the flow of the crimson rain 
Amongst the shallowness of the grave 
Higher and higher… 
A new life of colour flows 
The blackened painted flower 
It lives and it grows 
The coming of the Moon 
A dance of animated nymphs 
Set fire under the Satyr sky 
Awakening the darkness and of sinful eyes 
Creeping flesh amongst the floral bloom 
Soiled souls soaked into the lavish rest 
Hellish salvation arousal 
Upon the feast for Lilith’s breast 
Decay and decay of a memoir we know least.