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Dennis Bagwell

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Dennis Bagwell


You work the night shift
And have a graveyard tan
You’re thinking about getting a real coffin to sleep in
But you’re not a vampire
You’ve read every Twilight book twice
And never miss an episode of True Blood
Your girlfriend is a hot Goth chick named Mina
But you’re not a vampire
You write poetry about cemeteries
And have a tattoo of Bela Lugosi
And a poster of Interview with a Vampire
But you’re not a vampire
You have an appointment next week to get your eye teeth sharpened into fangs
You hang out in dark clubs on weekends with other “Vampires”
But you pass out at the sight of blood
Because you’re not a vampire


To whom it may concern:

I can’t take it anymore
I hate my job
I’m burnt out
My wife has shriveled away
My little pumpkins have all grown and left the patch
I don’t have the guts to go on
I feel hollow, just a shell of my former self
It’s time for me to roll
Goodbye cruel world…

P.S. – Donate my remains to a bakery


Every night
Before he went to bed
The old man unscrewed
His old wrinkled head

He put it in a bucket
Of putrid, rusty water
And hid it in his closet
From his unsuspecting daughter

Then early one morning
We heard an awful shout
His daughter found the bucket
And threw the water out

The neighbors all gathered
And watched with horror and dread
While his body stumbled aimlessly
Looking for his head

“What have you done?”
Her fathers head exclaimed
“Throwing me so hard,
Could damage my old brain!”

“Oh Father!” she cried
“Forgive me for this!”
“I found that putrid bucket,
And though it was your piss!”


Bloodstains and animal brains
Splattered in the street

Entrails and little tails
Dragged for twenty feet

Bugs make their way
To the all day buffet

I don't think Fluffy
Is coming home today...

Dennis is a politically incorrect, mad at the world, X Generation, heathen, musician, and writer from  Orange County California. Dennis moved to North Georgia in 2007 and is quietly preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He has been writing in one form or another since high school. His warped rantings and observations about the cesspool of a world we are surviving in keeps his spiraling descent into madness at bay.

Dennis has had his poetry published by the League of American Poets, the American Poets Society, The Horrorzine, 63Channels, Black Petals, Death Head Grin, Word Salad Poetry Magazine and Tree Killer Ink. He has released two spoken-word CD's, A Random Litter of Thought (2006) and Paid in Full (2007) on Batteryface Records. A short film of Dennis’ poem Hollywood was made available to coincide with the release of Paid in Full. 

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