Denny Marshall

The April Editor's Pick Poet is Denny Marshall

Please feel free to email Denny at: artorpoems@gmail.com

Denny Marshall


you untie the ropes
while the kidnapper is out
wake up on a table;
must have passed out for a spell.
look up and see the guillotine

look up at the sky
see a UFO flying
stop to watch it land
when it is directly above you;
then realize it is crashing

tired of abuse
she finds the courage to leave
he calls her with threats
he thinks he will find her
but she smiles as she boards the spaceship


Ship makes entry into the atmosphere
All are relieved the destination is near
Landing site on a planet’s northern hemisphere;
Soon the globe’s surface features become clear

Once they land, run a test and check the air
Some team members look out the port and stare
Crew will stay on board except for a pair;
First to step on planet with life is rare

The two venture far from the landing site
Explore the thick vegetation all night
When they do not return the mood is quiet;
Captain and crew search on foot at first light

On earth they are advanced, here they are small
On this young world, dinosaurs ate them all.


Thought the woolly mammoth
One of the best exhibits
In the natural museum

Felt a strong rush of wind
As the prehistoric beast
Comes charging at full-speed

Denny E. Marshall has art, poetry, and fiction published. One recent credit for cover art is in Disturbed Digest (June 2015); one half of the drawing is on the front and the other half is on the back cover. One recent credit for interior art is in Bards and Sages Quarterly (October 2015). A recent credit for poetry is in the Literary Hatchet #12. A credit for fiction is in Night to Dawn #28 (October 2015). See more HERE