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New interest in Roswell, New Mexico because of the military's reports of UFOs (UAPs)

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The Truth Is (Still) Out There In 'UFO Capital' Roswell, New Mexico


"Roswell...we believe!" mural painted on a wall in downtown Roswell displays the town's slogan

NPR, June 5, 2021 -- Two big green aliens greet customers at the Dunkin Donuts drive-though, and down the street, silver E.T. sculptures sit outside a flying saucer-shaped McDonald's. Welcome to Roswell, N.M., the "UFO capital of the world" — site of a 1947 mysterious aircraft crash and alleged government cover-up.

Sci-fi enthusiasts, ufologists and conspiracy theorists have received a government report this month, detailing a Department of Defense investigation into Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.


Any hopes that the report would confirm alien visitors to our atmosphere have been dashed, according to reporting by The New York Times and confirmed by NPR through a U.S. senior official. Even so, ET-centric businesses in Roswell hope interest in the new report will lead to a boost in tourism.

At the International UFO Museum and Research Center, visits are already up 20% from 2019. Some of that is because of last year's closures due to COVID-19, but belief in UFOs has skyrocketed in recent years.

"If you go back in time and if you brought up the idea of UFOs or aliens, people didn't want to talk about it. They thought you were looney, but these days it has changed," says Frank Kimbler, who excavated some of the artifacts on display from the 1947 crash site. He had hoped the new report would admit the existence of ETs and lead to an era of positive exploration — as outlined in the TV series Star Trek.

Museum visitor and UFO enthusiast Ethan Anderson first got interested in aliens after attending Roswell's annual UFO Festival, and would love to know more about our cosmic neighbors. Still, he doesn't trust the government to share what information it may have with the public.

"If you really have technology that's so great, you shouldn't hide it from people," he says, convinced of a government cover-up of alien tech.

"The government can't admit that there are extraterrestrials, because if they do, that'll open up a whole keg of worms," says Dennis Balthaser, a longtime Roswell UFO tour guide who has spent 35 years researching UFOs. "If they've been lying about this, what else have they been lying about? I just want to know the truth, but this will just be more more excuses."

Balthaser, who turns 80 this year, doesn't believe the truth about aliens will come out in his lifetime, but says at least the report "might generate money for the city."

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The exhibits are designed not to convince anyone to believe one way or another about their subjects. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions.


In early 1990, Walter Haut, who had been public information officer at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947, began promoting the idea of a home for information on the Roswell Incident and other UFO phenomena.

He got together with Glenn Dennis, another Roswell Incident participant, and the two sought a home for a UFO Museum. This brought them to Roswell Realtor Max Littell, who helped find the first location for the Museum.

Founders of the International UFO Museum & Research Center, incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit educational organization in 1991 and open to visitors in fall of 1992, never realized just how hungry the world was for information on the subject of their Museum.

The Museum continues to provide information to the general public on all aspects of the UFO phenomena. People from around the world travel to Roswell to see what the Museum has to offer and to simply "be in Roswell where it happened."

Museum exhibits include information on the Roswell Incident, crop circles, UFO sightings, Area 51, ancient astronauts and abductions. The exhibits are designed not to convince anyone to believe one way or another about their subjects. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions. Many visitors come numerous times and some spend days or even weeks doing research in the library.

Roswell is some 200 miles from large cities such as Amarillo, Lubbock and El Paso, Texas, and Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New Mexico. A majority of visitors make a point to come to Roswell to see the Museum and to be in the city where the best-known UFO incident occurred.

114 North Main Street
Roswell, New Mexico 88203 
Phone: 1-800-822-3545(Toll Free Worldwide)
FAX: 1-575-625-1907
Museum Hours: Open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Seven Days Per Week.