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Man goes to the hospital because he has a squirrel inside


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Man before the "accident" (below)


Man after the "accident"


A man from New Hampshire had to be transported to the hospital this afternoon after his pet squirrel got stuck in his anal cavity.

World News Daily, March 22, 2018 -- 60-year Ray Frankfurt called 911 around 3 pm after he found himself in a pretty uncomfortable position.

Janice Monroe, the operator who took the call, says she thought it as a joke when he explained the situation. "He told me that he'd fallen on his pet squirrel and that the animal was now stuck in his anus. I was convinced it was a teenager making a prank call," she said.

Despite Ms. Monroe’s doubts, she sent an ambulance to the site and the paramedics rapidly realized that the situation was in fact very serious.

Frank Meyers, one of the paramedics who transported Mr. Frankfurt, claims the man was lying naked in his bathroom and a hairy red tail was protruding from his backside. "He kept screaming out in pain as the animal was biting and scratching him," the paramedic said.

Ray Frankfurt was transported to the Huggings Hospital in Wolfeboro, where doctors were able to extract the rodent.

The retired mailman suffered from severe internal bleeding but was finally stabilized after a two-hour surgery.

The squirrel, unfortunately, didn’t survive his misadventure.

Other images of things people have inserted into themselves

Bottle (below)


Candy Cane


Some sort of drug bottle






Possible old-school cell phone?


Why do some people deliberately insert objects into themselves?

1. Self-embedding disorder

Self-embedding is an extreme form of self-injury, in which people (typically adolescents) insert objects into their body parts to deliberately hurt themselves or mutilate their bodies without intending suicide.

2. Polyembolokoilamania

A disorder in which one chronically feels compelled to insert foreign objects in body orifices, especially the ears.

3. Smuggling

Drug trafficking plays a significant role in some cases in which the foreign object is typically inserted into the vagina or rectum. Body pusher and drug mule are terms used to describe people who insert drug packets into the rectum or vagina for transportation through law enforcement checkpoints. They are distinguished from body packers, who ingest properly packed drugs to transport them without detection, and body stuffers, who spontaneously swallow poorly packed or unpacked drugs as an attempt to dispose of the evidence when in fear of apprehension by the authorities.

3. Sexual gratification

Usually done by males, the main causes for insertion of foreign bodies is autoerotism, misconceptions regarding masturbation, and an underlying need for unusal stimulation.