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Christine F. Anderson Publishing and Media

Would you pay $4,900 up front? That is what she wants. Does she deliver anything in return? NOTE: She now goes by Sage Wisdom Publishing. Beware!!

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WHO: Christine F. Anderson Publishing and Media (CFA Publishing) AKA Christine Favara

REASON: Unsubstantiated claims of placing books in brick and mortar stores (i.e. Target, Walmart, etc), bounced royalty checks, non-payment of royalties, outrageous upfront fees.

Below is taken directly from the CFA Publishing and Media website:

"If you choose to partner wish us, we work with YOU to do the marketing and publicity, and therefore, ask our authors to make an initial refundable investment of a $4,900.00 refundable marketing and translation retainer. The retainer is fully refunded once 1,000 copies of the book in eBook and print, or a combination of the two formats, have been sold. Payment arrangements are available if needed."

What guarantee do you have that you would be refunded? NONE. Plus, you should question the outrageous amount of almost five thousand dollars.

Christine F. Anderson's arrest records (public information):

Below is Ms. Anderson's arrest record in 2008 for felony mail fraud (offender ID 2:08-cr-00053-WBS-1, Virginia, closed)

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Below is Ms. Anderson's arrest record in 2016 (offender ID PCP030033, Virginia)


WHY THE HORROR ZINE IS INVOLVED: Client One contacted The Horror Zine.

Below are two client testimonies.


Six months into our 2 yr contract, she started announcing her cancer illness that gradually increased to a terminal illness with hospitalizations, etc. I have extensive experience in the medical field and some of what she was saying didn't make sense.

I asked if I could help her with the publishing company (so that my books and the other authors' books wouldn't go stagnant) during her chemo, multiple surgeries, etc. About that time, she announced to all of the authors she had (about 30) that everyone's books were placed in various Targets, Walmart, Costco, and Shopko.

She sent out royalty checks to each author, some of us in the thousands of dollars. Mine was for more than $6,000 and the check bounced.

She then offered direct deposit, reissued checks, etc. all of them bounced. I questioned her "cancer" further because she never progressed with the type of cancer she had. She got angry with me and refused to ever publish any more of my books.

I demanded payment for my royalties, which she then stated all of the books ordered by Target were returned.

When I demanded payment of my royalties and restitution of my bounced check, she drafted a formal letter stating that I owed her money and that she would not be paying my royalties after all.

I've heard nothing from CFA Publishing & Media or Christine herself. She does not represent me on her site or anywhere else. I had to call the printing company (which I found out was Create Space) to have my books pulled.

I found out that she did the same to many other authors, stealing their royalties and lying about book placement. She takes money from authors for "marketing fees" which she claims will be returned, but never does.


The experience was negative. I came across her through Linked In and she invited me to submit a book. She offered me a contract, which had an optional add-on of a marketing package at $1000. I paid that up front and moved into preparing the book. Christine provided a cover which I was satisfied with, and the text went through the editing process.

I don't remember what started me arguing with her. I could possibly find old emails and work that out, but I decided I wanted to end the contract and she agreed. I said she owed me the $1000 because no marketing had taken place. She said most of the money had been spent on book preparation (not its designated purpose) and offered me a paltry sum. I told her where to put the $1000, so I absolved her of any debt to me, but I do think she took the money under false pretences.

Anyway, the row cooled and we agreed to go ahead with the book. But nothing happened and I gave her a deadline of end-January this year to produce it. That didn't happen, so I walked again.

I learned that other of her authors were mightily upset that she hadn't paid them royalties or returned books. I spoke to some of them and I also gave information to a police investigator.

Along the way, Christine accused me of setting up a Facebook group to "knock" her. I did no such thing. I run several FB groups but she has never been mentioned in any of them. I also got a lawyer's letter on her behalf warning me that I would be prosecuted if I "bashed" her with any of the other authors.

So, a very negative experience. She did eventually relinquish her rights to the book and I am hopeful that another publisher is going to take it.

Photo of Christine F. Anderson (AKA Christine Favara)

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Other website warnings

Absolute Write *

* Please note that Christine F. Anderson's website now wants $4,900 up front, not the old $500 or $1,000 price.

Here is how to avoid being scammed by publishers

Michael A. Ventrella

I contacted Christine F. Anderson via her website twice and this is my second message to her on 9/22/2016:

I have received numerous complaints about your business, CFA Publishing and Media. These complaints include breach of contract, non-payment of royalties (including bounced checks), non-delivery of services, and more. Please contact me so that I can hear your side of the story. I don't want to proceed without hearing your defense, because I strive to be impartial and to give everyone a chance to explain. This is my second attempt to contact you and if I don't receive any reply, I won't contact you again, but simply proceed to look at your business practices. You can reach me at thehorrorzine@gmail.com and my name is Jeani Rector, editor of The Horror Zine. Thank you.

I received no response.