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All of the artwork on this page has been created by Luna, who is our November Selected Artist

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Dark Slumber




Missing Piece Lush


Secret Garden

Luna is a self-taught artist specializing in Sharpie marker artwork. Her love of drawing started around the age of 3 and she has used a variety of mediums throughout the years. Originally a graphite artist as a small child, she was introduced to pen and ink art at the age of 14 by her high school art teacher. Using a variety of techniques, she was able to express herself on paper in a way she never had before when using graphite. Luna had enjoyed Asian art, dragons, and body art/tattooing as a teenager. The traditional and realistic styles no longer appealed to her, so her art became increasingly more abstract and surreal. Music always played a large role in inspiring her artwork and still does to this day.

Luna attended the Art Institute of Dallas from 1999-2001, majoring in Multimedia/Web Design. After having her daughters, Simone and Jolie in 2001 and 2002, art became a secondary aspect in her life and she did not draw for many years. Around 2005, she picked up her Sharpie markers once again and would pass the time doodling during breaks at work. Luna's works are constantly inspired by nature and fantasy. She uses spiraling shapes, vibrant colors, and bold organic elements. Luna creates fantasical creatures, plants, and landscapes, many of them based on dreams.

In 2011, Luna met Daniel Ayles on Deviantart. He had drawn a series of Sharpie portraits using only a black Sharpie. Daniel asked if she would be willing to color in his creations as a collaboration. Luna colored eleven in all, and two of them, Sharpie Doodle Collab #2 and #11, are featured here among her solo works.

You can see more of Luna's work HERE

Collab 2

Sharpie Doodle 11