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Fiction for July 2016

P.D. Cacek

Douglas Ford

Adrian Ludens

David Golightly

Kevin Crisp


June 2016

JG Faherty

James Kidd

Timothy Wilkie

Jeff Parsons

May 2016

Jeff Strand

Shawn P. Madison

David M. Hoenig

Adam Millard

April 2016

Scott Nicholson

Kristen Houghton

Frank Schury

Larry Hinkle

March 2016

Graham Masterton

Geoff Nelder

John C. Adams

Sebastian Crow

February 2016

Elizabeth Massie

Charles E.J. Moulton

John T. Biggs

Timothy Wilkie

January 2016

Brent Monahan

David Rasey

Barry McCann

Shawn P. Madison

Paul Dale Anderson

December 2015

Piers Anthony

Jordan Storm

Mary Fancher

Timothy Wilkie

November 2015

Yvonne Navarro

Kevin Crisp

Terry Grimwood

Jessica Baumgartner

October 2015

Lisa Morton

Ken MacGregor

Thomas Joyce

Douglas Draa

September 2015

Sarah Pinborough

D. J. Tyrer

Shawn P. Madison

Erin T. McMillon

Wesley Thomas

August 2015

Joe R. Lansdale

Shaun Meeks

Gerald E. Sheagren

Daniel Brown






















something stirs

Some houses are only haunted, this one is worse: In the tradition of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, this is the first novel of its kind for the Christian market. Available now HERE