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Late Night Local

A Film by Jessi Gotta

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Late Night Local

Late Night Local

A film by Jessi Gotta

Review by C. Dennis Moore

Never ceasing to impress me, Jessi Gotta’s latest film, LATE NIGHT LOCAL, is another example of doing things right.

I know very little about Jessi Gotta, but what I’ve picked up from her movies so far (I’ve seen THE BIG BAD, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL, and LATE NIGHT LOCAL; I need to get a copy of ANNIVERSARY DINNER for the full collection) is she loves movies, and she loves horror. That’s good enough for me.

This film, shot in black and white and running a mere 13 minutes and 17 seconds, has a DIY feel, but it’s DIY done by a pro who just happens to also want to have their hands in every aspect of the film. LATE NIGHT LOCAL doesn’t feel, even for a second, like the work of an amateur who just happens to have a camera and a couple friends they can bribe into “starring” in their little movie. Instead, this is clearly the work of a serious filmmaker who is passionate about the process.

The story is very simple. A drunk girl is riding the subway home late one night when a menacing looking guy starts following her. A “good Samaritan” sees what’s happening and decides to tag along, offering the woman back-up in case the menacing guy decides to fulfill the promise of said menace.

But…this is a horror movie made by a woman who loves horror movies, so things are obviously going to take a drastic turn from the expected course.

Since the movie is so short, to say anything more would probably be giving away too much.

The ideas presented here could easily have been expanded into a longer form, but Gotta is a writer who believes in compression and telling the best story possible in the shortest amount of time. THE BIG BAD was only 78 minutes while THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL was 73. She clearly doesn’t believe in wasting time, and I appreciate it because the days grow shorter as I get older. But what a punch she packs in those short bursts. I haven’t seen THE BIG BAD in nearly 3 years, but so much of that movie is still crystal clear in my mind. The same with OUTLIVE. Visually, these are such memorable movies.  And from a story perspective, everything I’ve seen from her is like the REM of the indie film world, but, like the cool REM, from the DOCUMENT or GREEN days.

I’ve been a Jessi Gotta fan since my first exposure to her work, and LATE NIGHT LOCAL is definitely a welcome addition to my Jessi Gotta collection, which is now eagerly awaiting the next movie. Hopefully there’s something in the works already.


About the filmmaker

Jessi Gotta

Jessi Gotta

Jessi Gotta is a producer and writer, known for They Will Outlive Us All (2013), The Big Bad (2011) and Late Night Local (2014).

About the reviewer

C. Dennis Moore


C. Dennis Moore is the author of over 60 published short stories and novellas in the speculative fiction genre. Most recent appearances were in the Vile Things anthology, Fiction365.com, Dark Highlands 2, What Fears Become, Dead Bait 3 and Dark Highways. His novel, Revelations, is available in hardcover, trade paperback or ebook formats from Necro Publications. His most recent novel is The Third Floor.