DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing, editor of View From Atlantis, and has been published in The Rhysling Anthology 2016, and issues of CyaeghaEnchanted Conversation, IllumenOutposts of BeyondScifaikuestRed Planet Magazine, Sirens CallSpectral RealmsStar*Line, and Tigershark, as well as releasing several chapbooks, such as The Tears of Lot-49. The echapbook One Vision is available from Tigershark Publishing’s website. A Wuhan Whodunnit is available to download from the Atlantean Publishing website.


Memento sits atop fireplace
A memory of a face
A reminder of a death
Circumstances, sadness
That sometimes moves
Relocates, repositions
Untouched by human hands
Perplexing, sometimes frightening
Peculiar and strange
Yet never disposed of
Important beyond measure
A connection beyond death
A treasure beyond worth


At the Devil’s picnic they serve soul
Not demon but human, roasted in Hell
Seasoned with sin and swallowed whole
Meanwhile the music hall erupts with applause
And the church shakes with the tolling bell
Neither with an apparent cause
A sudden crack of henotheistic laughter
Disturbs the book club’s calm
A rabid squirrel gnaws a rafter
The old man writhes in agony
Curable only with a certain balm
Now the squirrel gnaws the old man’s knee
A certain syndicate plots and schemes
A cabal counterplots in secret conclave
Neither exists outside of dreams
Alice kisses the Jack of Hearts
Caresses the randy knave
Who is keen to sample this Queen of Tarts
A tickertape parade wanders by
A myriad innocents die
A single tear escapes a clown’s eye
Finally dawn arrives in all its glory
Cancelling out the lie
And concluding our curious story


Mother Darkness, Night
Antithesis of the light
Born out of Chaos
From her womb: Sleep, Death, Dreams, Strife
Her children seal human fates

With Darkness she joins
Under night personified
From her comes the dawn
Her daughter Day supplants her
Then, in turn, Day yields to Night