Caitlin Yost is an aspiring poet from suburban Pennsylvania. She is a lover of the horror genre and all things spooky. In addition to writing, she loves to paint, upload videos to her YouTube channel, and care for her Pomeranian and three cats. 


Past the brambles and the bushes that line the winding road
Sits a lonely wooden cottage that is called the witches home 
Where the sun and the stars shield their shining faces glow 
And only the moon casts a ghoulish gleam below
The winding road is also known as cemetery drive 
It’s an ineffable place if you make it out alive 
A foggy pumpkin patch surrounds the cottage of brick and thatch 
And the mossy graves are especially picturesque on Halloween
Do you believe?
A legend says that on All Hallows’ Eve 
The witch adorns a black veil when the clock strikes three
She lights 13 black candles and exclaims with a scream
“Let the spirits of the dead enter into me! Let them roam this land for all eternity!”
A window gusts open and her black candles extinguish
Then a spirit emerges from a misty haze that is quite distinguished 
“The names Samuel,” he says with a raspy growl 
His eyes glow red and he’s wearing a scowl 
He takes the witch’s hand and gives it a kiss
They recite an ancient chant in a hellish hiss
As a dark cloud rises from the floor below
The witch and Samuel vanish into the unknown
The darkness engulfs all that can be seen 
On this Halloween, will you believe? 


Today I’m painting the walls in Vermillion Red
They’ve been a drab grey for so long
That I forgot what color could look like
Prismatic metamorphosis is on the horizon 
And I’m taking the dusty curtains down to embrace the sun

A spider crawls while the future calls
Like jet fuel for the weary weakened soul
Exhuming me from my dingy grave
Covered and dirt and bugs I rose up
To greet the Technicolor day 
I dusted myself off slowly 
And my feet touched the grass for the first time in awhile
My heart pumps blood to my brain 
And for the first time I am fully alive 
As my lips spoke your name


I get up to check the mailbox
One, two, three times daily 
I haven’t heard from you in awhile and I start to worry
Could you be growing tired of me?
I unlock my phone to check my social media
Four, five, six times daily 
I haven’t seen your face in awhile
Could you be with someone else?
I get in my car and drive by your house
Seven, eight, nine times daily 
And I’m really starting to worry
That you don’t love me anymore
I call your cellphone but I only reach your voicemail 
Ten, eleven, twelve times daily
And I cry myself to sleep at night 
Because I look up at the moon and see your face hidden in the cratered surface 

I wonder if 
You ever look up at the stars and think of me?

I showed up at your work today 
And you seemed like you were mad at me
You said you didn’t recognize me at all and that I was scaring you 
You said you would call the cops if I showed up again
But you don’t understand that you’re my only friend 

So I drove out to the beach today 
I found some shells and pretty rocks
Then I wrote you a note
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen lines
and a signature
I taped it to the railing that lines the rocky jagged cliff
Please remember me forever 
You were my only friend