Teresa Frazee

The July Editor's Pick Poet is Teresa Frazee

Please feel free to email Teresa at: teresafrazee@yahoo.com



Among other reeds in algae ponds
Where our suspended limp shadows climb
In the days we are made to fill
We’re now in the ruins of our time

From our frothy aquarium
Breaking the surface, some of us rise
Strewn leaves laced with euphoric light
Claim our existence or demise

Boundless, in crumpled sleep we drift
Lastly, wading where dire paths run
Pulled under the covetous water
Immersing us all, one by one


In an effortless decent within a sphere of unrecorded time, the Sphinx circled into sight
During this nocturnal appearance, she did all not to hide her desire for articulation
In our ominous rendezvous, we engaged in solving riddles unbeknownst to the ill informed
As one possessed I submitted to her linguistic yowl like a swain withholding no affection

My hospitable innocence, disposed in martyrdom, was smothered by her boundless charm
Evoking dreaded images of my epic brethren's mortal wounds, I was thrust from all care
Her bestial heart palpitated louder than ordinary men’s audible senses could ever know
And dare I say, her scoffing smile pretending welcome, no doubt was not entirely sincere

“Oedipus,” she interposed, “have you forgotten your manners? Invite me upon your warm bed.”
“How perplexing it is that he who has all the right answers pathetically sleeps alone.”
In an instant the Sphinx beat her expansive wings and departed to the fiery place fiends go
I arose to find my cat staring strangely at me in the darkness as she lay sensually prone  


From those shadows without sources came something uncertain
A form, the laws of nature could not possibly have planned
But this we know from the archival text of prophets and kings
He is born over and over, not by any hand

Awoken, a deprived lean belly craves what it cannot have
Distracted by the hush of solitude he’s learned to wait
 Exercising the power to endure more lives than one
 Patience is this metamorphic creature’s utmost trait

With a shifting stance over undetectable footprints
He takes on reinvented dimensions measureless to man
Designed specifically, as if to be preyed upon
By fools who scoff at this strange transformations of each life span

After many a century being loose upon the world
He’s well acquainted with humans and has lost all trust
Lured homeward to find his realm amongst the moss covered stones
He wanders alone, disappearing in the mud and dust                                  

Teresa Ann Frazee has been a visual artist for over thirty years, with juried and international exhibitions including solo shows in galleries, museums and other venues, receiving many awards and honors. Teresa has also been pursuing her other love, writing.

She had her work exhibited in the following magazines and books: Literary House Review, Skyline Magazine, Poetry Shelter, The Horror Zine Magazine and Anthologies, Death Head Grin Magazine and Anthology, Aphelion, My Word Wizard, Story Mania, The Original Van Gogh's Ear, 100 Thousand Poets for Change at World and Eye, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising,  Mused,  The Creativity Webzine, Inner Sins, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, and Contributing Writer: Muse Magazine-Boca Raton Museum of Art. Teresa is the founder and host of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artists’ Guild Poetry reading Series: “Art & Literature,” author of “New City Souls” Poetry Cabaret, of a Sebastian Kane performance, Incomplete Sentences, One Act Play, Trifecta, Empty Closet Women’s Theater.

Inside her world of make-believe, she paints and writes what she knows to be true. Bound by the creative force, she leaves reality entirely up to you.