Robin Whitehead

The January Featured Poet is Robin Whitehead

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A broken heart
Glued together with hope and wrapped up in friendship
Pray show me how to fix this pathetic soul
Else forget these words and ignore the pain in my eyes
I am too proud to cry
Too sad to trust and too damn tired of waiting
Just change the subject and tell me anything
Be my friend
For if there is nothing more, then I shall be there
Until the end of time
Honestly I’m fine
You are mistaken
There is no thought
No problem
Just me


I come from the shadows
The lost and the faithless
My eyes tell a story
To a blinded world
Watching the day unfold
Taking time to listen to its song
Breathing in each moment
Until all the light has gone
I have no mission to my name
I just exist outside the bubble
Live my life away from trouble
Chose to give a little more
Maybe care before required
Does it pain to be kind?
Rather help than walk on by
Volunteer to be that guy
So many don’t and that is why
I want it more
The tears are shed for a reason
So I search for a smile
Even if it only lasts for a little while
See their eyes light up like the dawn sun
Such a vision to behold
Another reason to grow old


I feel the weight of my heart crushing down on my soul
All hope seems lost as she walks away
Never to know my thoughts
Always to wonder what might have been
My dearest friend, could you have ever shared
The love that leaves me in such helpless despair
To watch a rose from bud to bloom
Ever faithful in both good and bad
Nothing will ever quell this sadness welling inside
I am ever the friend
Ever the stranger
Bound till the end

Robin Whitehead is an old-fashioned man from an old-fashioned family of eccentrics. He has written poems and stories as far back as he can remember lifting a pen and drew his inspiration from his late father, who also scribbled down everything that came into his head. He dedicates his work to his family, who remain a constant source of encouragement and creativity, despite being all quite mad.