The Horror Zine
Chris Burke

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Chris Burke, who is our September Selected Artist

Please feel free to email Chris at:

Chris Burke

Nag's Head



Miniom Swarm

A Little More

Mother Ocean

Clone Marine




Chris Burke has been drawing almost his entire life. Being raised on horror movies, reading comics, and playing video games, his art reflects all of those passions and is still fueled by them to this day.

His style ranges from comic book to cartoon, but he is capable of drawing anything he puts my mind to. He considers himself an old school artist; everything is done by hand. Nothing against digital art, but he feel there is more talent in doing it all with his hands. He is also a designer…if you have thought it up, he can make it so. Art has always been a major factor in his life, and would like to make it a career. He has published comics through an indie company but nothing in the big leagues yet (fingers crossed).

Chris has been married seventeen years to his amazing wife Melissa and they have three incredible children: a daughter, Kelsey, and two sons, Hunter and Parker.


Two Cheeks